In the early stages of the pandemic all business but especially the businesses in the food & beverage industry had to change and adapt to stay afloat in the unprecedented times.

As we had quite a few restaurant clients we knew we could use our knowledge and skills in these difficult times. We designed and built a digital menu (CMS) system that they could access and edit themselves. The web-app generated a unique and dynamic QR code. This meant that even if the content changed the QR code stayed exactly the same. This meant no additional printing cost as we understood that restaurant menus do change quite often.

*Old designs by previous designer.

Scan the QR code with your mobile device or click the link below to see it for yourself.

Back-end View

Not just a cute digital menu. We made it possible for our clients to add their social media and website links to add as much value to the digital menu as possible. The dynamic web-app was conceptualized, designed and built in less than a month - as we had to find a solution for our restaurant clients in these uncertain times.

UI/UX + App Development

by BrandHueDigital